Greta and the fibers offers a world of textures, colors and sensations that are truly unique.

My passion for wool and color directed my career towards the world of hand-dyed wool and then finally to open this online store.

I work without stock since everything is custom made and each yarn is dyed by individually. The reason is to be able to ensure unique and unrepeatable tints. That is why your work will be unique!

I work with high quality materials and colors that are hard to find commercially – that’s what makes the difference. I’m very picky about quality that I work with and am constantly looking for new materials to offer.

The format I provide is skeins and the goal is for you to be able to do a project with only one skein. You can choose from different lenghts with the same quality material. That way you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

I also work with different thicknesses of 100% national merino wool, baby alpaca and silk blends, 100% silk-merino blend with various qualities of silk, and also woolen socks.

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